Love notes to Meesha...

Thank you Meesha for sharing so much beauty - in every sense of the word, to us and the world.

Paal Frisvold

Happy birthday to a phenomenal human, fairy godmother, and sister friend! I love you across space and time!

Garci McGruder

I love to take pictures! Ironically, however, the most important picture of my life - I did NOT take. It was this picture against a wall, in reds, in Portugal, with my eyes closed, that Meesha liked and encouraged her to write to me. On a random dating site, in different cities, in different worlds, somehow, we found ourselves online. Over 10 years later, I remain more in awe, more in love, more inspired by, more infatuated with you. Thank you Meesha for being my big love, my perfect friend, my amazing partner, my adventure queen, my mentor and soul mate. Happy 40th - and to 40 more! Forever - yours.

Sean Southey

This picture is from one of the most educational, inspiring, and empowering experiences of my life, which I reflect on and take with me everywhere. This is where I got to meet the exceptionally talented and beautiful Meesha. Happiest of birthdays, to one of the most incredible spirits I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Brittnie Bloom

This nice picture was taken during PCI's great fight against the deadly Ebola outbreak in Liberia. The picture reminds over 50 Ebola survivors of Meesha Brown and her dedicated work in firghting stigmatization in Liberia. Happy birthday Meesha, Liberia misses your face.

Joko Blackflow Kpogba

This picture was taken in NYC at a great place and if I recall, we had a few drinks and a lot of laughs. Knowing you is a pleasure Meesha and I wish you the happiest of birthdays filled with love, peace of mind and a few cocktails. May the year ahead be wonderful in unexpected ways. Lots of love, your friend, Dan

Daniel Lissing

Dearest Good Fairy, I hear you are celebrating a milestone birthday! While I was unaware that Good Fairys had birthdays in the first place, I am willing to play along so that I may, once again, express my love for you and delight in knowing you. You are ageless and exquisite, brilliant and kind, and as is true for all Good Fairys, a kick in the ass. Here is to you!

Paula Patnoe Woodley

How exciting to hear that the effortlessly ageless Meesha Brown has completed four beautiful decades on this earth. As a style icon, teen whisperer, inspiring leader, and sensitive friend, you are peerless. How lucky we Carley Geres are to know you. Raising our glasses in your direction, with love.

David, Peter, Christopher, and Isadora

There are many words that could describe our relationship in the past and love would be one of them.I have always loved you but now I know how to appreciate and understand you. When you said that you were going to be a better sister, I had no idea that you would be so selfless. I can only thank you for being here for me emotionally, financially and...well...letting God use you..hahaha. I also appreciate you lifting me up and speaking life into me and making me realize the greatness God has placed in me. I thought when Nia passed I would not have a sister that I could laugh and vent to...BUT GOD.. you showed up... not only being my sister but also my friend.... I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY..I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW.

Tibia Todd

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a beautiful amazing birthday filled with joy, laughter, fun, good times, and cake! Thank you for being such a positive natural force of gooddness and sharing that energy with everyone around you.

Anthony Scala

This is to wish you the happiest of birthdays! Age 40 is a paritcularly interesting birthday. I can recall when I was 40...well, almost recall. They say that 40 is the new 30, and in your case that is the literal truth. They also say that when one becomes 40 they can still go all night, but in my case it was to pee! Seriously, you arefull of lvoe and life, you havea great partner in Sean, and I'm very happy you have become a friend! Enjoy your day and this year!!!

Hank Lowenstein

I've probably never mentioned this, but I often think about you. You have a particular demeanor and way of reacting gracefully to tough situations that I admire, so I sometimes find myself thinking "what would Meesha do?" "How would she react? How would she solve it?" Other times I ask myself "How would she wear this?" when I look at the long plaided skirt that has been hanging unworn in my closet for 5 years. I guess that next time I should call you and ask these questions directly. Try to get some of your fairy dust. Congratulations on your 40th birthday! Stay loving and fabulous. I don't really like virtual gifts (other than warm and open-hearted words), so why don't we go for a drink next time I'm in NY? I'll be there during the week of June 19th, so hopefully that works for you. Besos,

Brenda Campos Nesme

To a beautiful, smart, talented, driven, kind and passionate partner in crime, whom I'm honored to call a lifetime friend - HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The world is a much better place with you in it. Love you!

Alex Cottin

Two score years ago today, Meeshas parents brought forth on this continent a new baby, conceived in Texas and dedicated to the proposition that the world eventually would need an inspired leader in education and social behavior change communications...

David Andrews

I only know you from the pure photo's that your husband Sean has taken of you, yet only by looking at them I feel you are a pure soul that executes a soulfull purpose throughout your journey in life and work! Have a great birthday.

Charmaine Goble in The Netherlands

Meesha, I am celebrating your beautiful being from afar. You've touched my heart by being an incredible friend. And inspired me in so many ways. I love you very much and can't wait to reunite with you.

Piyali Banerjie

It is wonderful to have someone so brilliant, creative and beautiful in the family. Just keep on with what you are doing for another forty years and we will have an America that is educated enough to never elect another president with tiny hands. With so much love,

Clive and Janey Southey

Meesha, you simply are a gift to the world.

Arvind Singhal

Happy Birthday, Meesha! Thank you for spending 40 years spreading magic and fairy dust around the world. We are all certainly better for knowing you.

Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards

Meesha you are an amazing woman in so many ways. You are amazingly competent, amazingly beautiful, amazingly caring and supportive, amazingly energized, amazingly trustworthy and honest and its all wrapped up in your amazing smile. It's always a joy to be around you and I feel privileged to be your friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lynne Yeannakis

Here's to 40 more years of teaching Safia about priviledge and being fabulous!

Vy Tran

Happy birthday Meesha! May your day, weeks, months and years be full of love, laughter, and magic with some cake on the top. You are an amazing woman, mentor and inspiration making this world a better place.

Carina Schmid

Happy 40th! Meesha You have all the savvy, grace, and wile to pull off this excellent decade in style. ;)

Finnegan Southey

I love you! Step One: Be born. Be born an amazing and beautiful and fantastical person.Step Two: Grow up and be smarter than most, quick witted, and humorous. Step Three: Learn and come to believe you are all of these things and more! Step Four: Have babies that love you so you will never forget those things.

Simone Brown

Happy birthday Auntie Meesha. You are fabulous.

Love, Matthew

Happy birthday my wonderful sweet daughter, may you enjoy your day and forever remain as sweet as your are.

Love, Mom

Happy 40th Birthday Meesha! The world has had the pleasure of your kind heart and thoughtful intellect. And so have we! Here's to many more decades of you!

Natasha Achanzar

Happy Birthday Meesha! Thank you for the inspiration. I'm amazed when I see women channel inner peace and swag with the same vigor, all while saving their world, keeping things together and then some! Thank you for giving and caring. Have a blessed year ahead and may all your dreams come true. Happy Forty!

Jeeva Jacob

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