Two score years ago today, Meesha’s parents brought forth on this continent a new baby, conceived in Texas and dedicated to the proposition that the world eventually would need an inspired leader in education and social behavior change communications.

Now, we are engaged in a great 40th birthday celebration….testing whether those of us of “a certain age” can stay awake long enough to endure the speechs and make it to the cutting of the cake! Hopefully we will be met in a great venue close to our homes so that we don’t have far to go to reach our respective bedrooms!!!

We have come to honor our friend Meesha Brown who has not only made it to age 40 but has done so in great style, in remarkable health and, on most days, with enough energy and creativity for 10 Meeshas (and a few Seans thrown in for good measure)!

It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot celebrate, we cannot give five-word birthday speeches, we cannot even add the birthday cake to our 1,800 calorie diets. There are still those brave individuals who have made it to 50, 60 or even 100 years of age and who have managed to do it without our poor power to add or detract. It could be a good gene pool; but, it probably has more to do with occasional drinking of Dave’s margaritas (without the salt, of course).

The world will little note nor long remember what we say here; but it can never fathom how happy we will be when we are all together again to celebrate Meesha’s 100th birthday. It is for us, here gathered, to be totally dedicated to helping Meesha to do the unfinished work which she has, thus far, so nobly advanced.

It is rather, for us, to be here dedicated to the great tasks remaining before us…to raise gobs of money for our worthy projects, to travel the world leading workshops and conferences, to help Sean with his Pokemon obsession, to explain to our partners that we cannot afford to make-up their budget overruns with our 7% overhead allocations and to help our staff understand what a great opportunity it will be for them to do projects in Afghanistan and Syria. Can North Korea be far behind?

That we, here, highly resolve that Meesha has lived an exemplary life, is beloved by us all and adored by her wonderful family and that this amazing woman shall have a new birth of freedom and that annual birthday parties of the people, by the people and for our dear Meesha…shall not perish from the earth!

-David J. Andrews

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